在网上进行银行卡支付时,常常在屏幕上弹出一个动态\软键盘\,让用户输入银行帐户密码,其最主要的目的是___________ 。


What's the biggest advantage of conducting business online?

债券等方式筹集资金而由企业直接支付的审计、咨询费用,在现金流量表中( )项目反映。


On its way from the eyes to the occipital lobes, visual information passes through the ________.

—I’ve got a piece of good news .Our football team won the game. —Really? ______

She and Mark read the words ____ on the inner walls of the monument.

门机起升机构有( )台起升电机?


Put the following prefatory parts in a formal report in an appropriate order. a. Executive summary or abstract b. Half-title page c. Title page d. Table of contents e. List of figures f. Transmittal letter or memo

In the sentence \A maxim of cancer medicine is that the earlier you detect it, the better the outcome\, the underlined word \maxim\ means _________.

Jason, you're a medical student, can you tell me something about organ .


由于银行卡市场竞争日趋激烈,发卡机构为了吸引客户、维护客户忠诚度,必须运用市场营销手段。以下不属于市场营销的原则是( )



Outcomes of changes in the characteristics of a population such as age, gender, ethnic origin, race, sexual orientation, and social class are ___ forces.

The traffic was making so much noise that I couldn't hear what he ______.

She didn't allow cancer to discourage her. …………………… ., she began to work twice as hard.

Is Monday morning ______________ with you?

I'm worried about _ she is.

In Mesoamerica, neurosurgeons used to believe that neurologic or psychiatric disease was caused by evil spirits.

如果要把Tomcat服务器所在计算机的某个目录d:\\stu(非%CATALINA_HOME%/webapps下的子目录)设置成一个Web服务目录,并为该Web服务目录指定虚拟目录。应该修改Tomcat服务器主目录下的conf目录下的哪个文件?( )

7.The decision-makers do not see themselves as being _______ the common people.

渠道的()可以用来校核渠道的不淤流速。( )


Word came _____ I was invited to attend the meeting.

Only that dose stated in the ________ should be taken.

This sudden spurt of energy is the source of the erroneous feeling that \I only work well under pressure.\ Actuaaly, at this point they are making progressonlyu because they haven't any choice.



共射放大电路如图所示,若b=100, UBE=0.7V,rbe=1.5 kW, 则电路的放大倍数近似为( )。1a94733cb2c0a026fbe4f61f3ce9425e.JPG

“From my perspective, I don't subscribe to this idea and I even regard this idea as an obstacle to children’s growth.” This sentence is concise.


1. 明光公司应收款项通过总账系统核算,并进行分客户管理,则其\应收账款'科目应选择( )辅助核算方式。 A 个人往来 B 客户往来 C 部门核算 D 供应商往来


“八议”入律是在:( )

When bees _______,hundreds of them come together in a great mas.

It takes _____ time to go to the amusement park by subway than by bus.

Dr Carter says most speakers find presentations hard because

Candidates should be given the company brochure to read while they are waiting for their interviews.


资产周转的快慢直接影响企业的流动性,周转得越慢的资产,流动性越强。( )


You'd better ______ at home and ______ your homework.

Which country is among the last to sign on to the Protocol?

Influenza is also called the flu that ___ fever, cough, body aches, headaches, and sometimes earaches or sinus problems.

In the traditional dating pattern in the United States, much of hte responsibility for a date falls to the young man.

I haven't got a chair______.

Which of the following would occur if a single farm in perfect competition lowered its price below the long-run equilibrium market price?


I'm going to call ___ one of my former classmates

系统分析调查组的成员( )。

He returned from abroad___ that his mother had been badly ill.

Thirty miles away from the town, the robbers the car ____ and disappeared into the woods.


关于力对点之矩的说法,( )是错误的。


African countries find it difficult to finance small-scale projects because ____________.

以下属于农业保险合同中基本内容规定项目的是( )。


What happened to Darwin' s letter in the 1970s?


“All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”from Shakespeare's drama \In As You Like it\.

某企业为了构建网络办公环境,每位员工使用的计算机上应当具备什么设备( )。

The sentence \Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability\ by Francis Bacon indicates the three _______ of reading.

计划、预测和决策的先后顺序是( )。



双因素理论认为,能使人产生工作满意感的因素是( )。

4.  pH = 2 的溶液酸度是 pH = 6 的溶液酸度的()


DM5 型锚具用于锚固的预应力筋是?

When comparing the services marketing mix to the physical goods marketing mix in terms of the \Ps\ framework, which of the following is not one of the additional three \Ps\ of services marketing?

Why do the largest and most successful companies prefer purchasing merchandise and supplies on credit to paying cash at the time of each purchase?

No, thank you. We don't accept tips, but thank you( ).

职位工资制比较适合( )。


企业对新员工上岗之前的培训称为( )。


语句char m[]={'a','b','c','d','e','f'};与char n[]=\abcdef


拉威尔的音乐天赋最突出的表现在( )方面,他也是世界公认的一位( 同上空 )大师。


为了适应高速加工的要求,床身和工作台要求满足( )、好的精度保持特性、更好的抗热变形能力

doesn't have to play bills


具有高成就需要的人一定是优秀的管理者,特别是在大组织当中。( )

Jane: Susan, I'd like to shop online. What should I do?Susan: As a new customer, you need to register first. Do you have an email box? Most of thoseshopping web needs your 4 so that they can confirm your information andsend you ads in the future.Jane: I have a Yahoo email box. So I have to use this email address as my 5 ?Susan: Yes. Then you need to create you password. Usually you need to use a 6 of words and numbers. Otherwise it would be very easy for someone to steal your account and password.Jane: Do I have to use the same password with my email box?Susan:No, you'd better use different passwords.Jane: OK. What should I do next?Susan: Well. Itis said that they have sent you an email. You have to 7 your mail box and confirm your registration information. Then you can shop online.Jane: Thank you so much. I can do nothing without your help.

There is nothing like a long walk __________ the appetite.


( ) 3. The company is working to reach more international customers.



战略规划的特点有:( )


在糖酵解途径中催化生成 ATP 的酶是 和 。

按照霍兰德人格分类理论,人格特质表现为 害羞、 真 诚、 持久、 稳定、顺从 、实际 的人是( )人格。

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